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Subject: Re: [regrep] UK Govt regrep requirements

* does the existing reg/rep spec meet this requirement?

Assuming you mean the capability to register/maintain/discover
"fine-grained artifacts" such as elements/attributes/datatypes/namespace
identifiers, the answer is: We do not call this capability out
explicitly in our specs, but an implementer can certainly accomodate
this level of artifacts by using the RIM + Slots (if/where necessary).
We've discussed the need for a Technical Note on this topic some time in
the future - I'm hoping early 2004.

Additionally, the Core Components capability (Technical Note in process)
will allow such functionality, but (a) within the Core Components
methodology, and (b) with the addition of an XML serialization and
assembly mechanism for Core Components. We are working on (a), and other
groups outside our TC are/will be working on (b). With (a), we are
laying the foundation for (b) to happen.

As with the UK Government, this capability is considered to be critical
within the U.S. federal government (and state and local governments as
well). I sat on a panel on Monday for the Department of Homeland
Security (along with Jon Bosak and several others), and this capability
was discussed as vital. I mentioned that we (the Registry TC) are aware
of it and are planning to release a Technical Note on this in the


Paul Spencer wrote:
> Sorry I have not been as active here as I would like. For those who don't
> know, I advise various parts of the UK Government on XML. Unfortunately,
> nobody here is currently prepared to spend money on registries, but I am
> working on this. My reason for joining this group was to represent UK
> Government requirements in my spare time - something I have signally failed
> to do so far.
> I recently did some work for the MOD here, spending two days turning their
> core schema (a collection of complex data types) into a repository of
> fully-versioned types from which schemas can be automatically generated.
> This is linked to their existing data dictionary through IDs and ASP code.
> Whilst not a long-term solution, this has clarified the benefits of a
> registry to parts of the MOD and elsewhere in Government and flushed out
> some additional requirements. I now have permission to present on this
> project and to talk to the regrep TC about it. I am currently preparing a
> presentation that must be complete by October 14th. As part of a telecon, I
> would be happy to make this available and talk through it.
> What I would like to get out of this is:
> * does the existing reg/rep spec meet this requirement?
> * if not, is the TC interested in this requirement for a future release?
> * Do any of the current implementations meet this requirement?
> Note that the MOD is a simple case of the general UK Govt requirement. I
> imagine that the needs are common across most Governments - it will just be
> that some don't realise it yet.
> Regards
> Paul Spencer
> Director
> Boynings Consulting Ltd
> http://www.boynings.co.uk
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