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Subject: Re: [regrep] Re: [ebxml-msg] FW: Versioning and Compatibility Issues from ebXML JC


I would also like noted the vital role that the CAM specification plays in
this too.

While obviously there are different use cases - having CAM templates for
schemas significantly
enhances your ability to version and track changes - and more importantly -
add context - to
the structural nuances within the schema changes.

Also - in terms of things like ISO11179 - CAM provides you with a
registry-centric way of
implementing such vocabulary alignments.

Certainly in terms of providing well structured ebXML transactions -
including CAM as
a means to ensure that is clearly something we should be indicating to
implementers as
available technology that works with the ebXML stack.

Thanks, DW.


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Sent: Wednesday, September 24, 2003 3:10 AM
Subject: [regrep] Re: [ebxml-msg] FW: Versioning and Compatibility Issues
from ebXML JC

> >Moberg: (1)  We feel there is a need for an OASIS-wide way to implement
> >versioning and documentation across OASIS approved schemas.
> >More generally, specifications should include a formal representation
> >of their version number, e.g. using a common XML document format.
> >All this would make it easier to obtain, query, and process the
> >version number of an implementation.
> >
> >(2) We also feel there is a need for a common way to represent
> >compatibility links to other specs.  While the ebXML Joint Technical
> >Liaison Team  is developing an ebXML standards compatibility matrix, a
> >more formal way to code a compatibility matrix (for integration as well
> >interoperability) is required across OASIS, ideally a model that could be
processed by a
> >tool and well understood across specifications.
> >
> mm1: Dale, Two suggestions:
> 1. On versioning, you may wish to ask Karl Best, because a small team
> that spawned from the interoperability sessions that took place in 2002
> developed a set of 15 or so data elements relevant to the description of
> a standard in a conformant fashion.  This took into account the source
> of the specification, version, etc.  This may be more comprehensive that
> you may require (but may give you the relevant subset that you need).  I
> believe it was also based on the review of ISO 11179.  This information
> about the specification is really metadata to query the approved
> schema/specification. Perhaps you can learn from this work. See Karl as
> I don't believe I have a copy of their output.  Karl can answer if this
> metadata recommendation is being used in the development of the XML
> registry for OASIS.
> 2. Perhaps this can be an enhancement to information in #1.
> Thanks.
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