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Subject: Re: [regrep] Final Approval on ebXMLRegistry Brochure

I want to express deep gratitude for the hard work that Carl has put 
into the brochure and for evenry one who has contributed suggestions. It 
is a good piece of work that represents our work very well.

Carl Mattocks wrote:

>To ensure we do not miss any opportunities (see October Paris below) to have the ebXMLRegistry Brochure made public -
We definitely do not want to miss this opportunity unless we really do 
not wish our work to be successful. Please note that we were asked by 
organizers of the ODETTE event excplicitly for a material to distribute 
at the event that describes our work.

>the TC needs to formally approve the latest draft of the ebXMLRegistry Brochure.
I suggest we set an explicit target to use the opp as a forcing function 
to get our brocuhure finalized and approved in time for the ODETTE 
automotive event mid October.

>If there are no changes received by September 30 I propose that this could be done on our October 2nd meeting.
Nikola has made some good suggestions that could easily be addressed 
with minor changes. How about we set a goal to get all comments in by 
COB Monday, Carl iterate over the doument to address comments and post 
by COB Tuesday and we vote on the document in  our meeting next week? 
This would allow  us to meet the ODETTE opportunity in time.

For what it is worth, I feel the brochure is already good enough to have 
my YES vote. Thanks Carl for this valuable contribution.


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