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Subject: Re: [regrep] Re: Republica Case Study (Was: Re: [regrep] Web Site update request)

"The project was not fully aligned with OASIS ebXML Standards

With all due respect to the hard work that I'm sure went into this, it
still puzzles me as to why OASIS would post something that is not in
line with the standards that have been created by an OASIS TC. I don't
believe that W3C posts products implementations that do not conform to
their Recommendations.

Now for CCRIM disclaimer specifically, can you give me the
correct long form of CCRIM??

At this point I would recommend referring to this as "the work of the
Core Components Review Subcommittee of OASIS/ebXML Registry TC".

Thanks Diego!

Diego Ballvé wrote:
> Chiusano Joseph wrote:
> >
> > <Quote>
> > Maybe all that is needed is a statement in the paper that states that
> > this work pre-dates CCRIM and will be suprceded by it.
> > </Quote>
> >
> > I think that would be great - thanks Farrukh. I would be fine if it
> > simply states that:
> >
> > (a) It pre-dates CCRIM, and
> >
> > (b) The approaches defined in the paper are not necessarily
> > in line with
> > those to be specified in the forthcoming OASIS/Registry TC Core
> > Components Technical Note
> Wow, I didn't expect our case-study to create such polemic. But
> suggestion accepted: I think you're absolutelly right on making
> clear that it is not necessarily aligned with ebXML work. I'm
> working on the changes and I've added the following disclaimer:
> "The project was not fully aligned with OASIS ebXML Standards and
> should not be used as a reference implementation. Rather, this
> case study should be read as a report of a successful experience
> based on ebXML Standards. Furthermore, this case study should
> inspire similar experiences to take place and to be shared
> throughout the ebXML community. See section 3 for used
> specifications and degrees of adoption."
> Now for CCRIM disclaimer specifically, can you give me the
> correct long form of CCRIM??
> > I don't think it's necessary to say that it will be
> > superceded by it. I
> > agree that we need to recognize Diego's work, but we also need to
> > recognize the work of the other members of the CC Review team
> > as well by
> > ensuring that there is no confusion as to the recommendations
> > coming fom
> > the team.
> I reckon. I'll make sure I that is clear in the paper. I'll
> also add Acknowledgments to cc-review since ideas from there were/
> will be taken into consideration for any future move concerning
> CCs in the Registry and Republica's LomakeFi Form Assembler tool.
> Diego
tel;work:(703) 902-6923
org:Booz | Allen | Hamilton;IT Digital Strategies Team
adr:;;8283 Greensboro Drive;McLean;VA;22012;
title:Senior Consultant
fn:Joseph M. Chiusano

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