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Subject: Re: [regrep] Re: Republica Case Study (Was: Re: [regrep] Web Siteupdate request)

Chiusano Joseph wrote:

>"The project was not fully aligned with OASIS ebXML Standards
>With all due respect to the hard work that I'm sure went into this, it
>still puzzles me as to why OASIS would post something that is not in
>line with the standards that have been created by an OASIS TC. I don't
>believe that W3C posts products implementations that do not conform to
>their Recommendations.
I respectfully disagree with your statements above.

The work done by Republica is completely inline with the OASIS ebXML 
Registry version 2.1 standard and shows a fine example (case study) of 
how to apply an ebXML Registry to manage core components. The work 
predates the good work done in CCRIM which is still not available as a 
public document. Even when it is, based on current plans AFAIK it will 
be a non-normative technical note. It will not be an OASIS standards 
unless I missed a decision somewhere along the way.

IMO, the Republica Case Study is not even obligated to be saying 
anything about CCRIM but I think it should say something along the lines 
of deferring to it when it is out.

Diego has offered to do these changes to allay the concerns raised.

I am not getting what the fuss is about. What OASIS standards are being 
violated? If anything this is one of the most sophisticated case studies 
of ebXML Registry specs that I have seen to date.

I would like to respectfully request that Diego put edit the document 
based on input received by a set deadline and then we put the matter up 
for vote by the TC.

FWIW, my vote is a resounding *YES* on the document whenever it is up 
for a vote.

Thanks Diego for your valuable contributions.


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