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regrep message

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Subject: Resolving Schema versioning

I'm not on XML-Dev, but Joe Chiusano forwarded your message
to the Registry team.
In regard to versioning schema - this is one of the
eBusiness specific problems that OASIS CAM templates
are designed to solve specifically using UID references
to content elements - and then the UID reference can be
version and subversioned.
The neat thing about this is that the CAM template also
provides integration to registry - and therefore you can put
your content definitions there to provide dynamic resolving
of rules.
You can find out more about CAM from our SWIKI,
and of course from the OASIS TC CAM area.
I can also tell you that the latest copy of VisualScript will
have a CAM designer template in it - and this is going to
be available on pre-release next week - and then general
release in a couple more weeks.
The CAM team is also working on defining WSDL interfacing
so you can deploy CAM as a registry service.

Thanks, DW

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