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Subject: Draft Resolution: Semantic Content Management Subcommittee


Based upon Kathryn's instructions I have prepared the following *DRAFT* 
resolution for your review regarding the proposal to form a new 
Subcommittee of the ebXML Registry TC to focus on alignment with the 
semantic web.  The wording below will be finalized based upon your input 
on this thread in the next few days.

Proposed Subcommittee Name: Semantic Content Management SC (SCMSC)

Proposed Charter:

The SCMSC will define use cases and requirements for managing semantic content within the ebXML Registry 4.0. It will seek to establish a formal liaison with relevant groups within the Semantic Web Activity (SWA) at W3C. Early in its life cycle, the SCMSC will actively engage the SWA relationship and solicit their help to validate requirements. The requirements must include the ability to utilize ontolgies for classifying RegistryObjects and to enable intelligent discovery using ontology based queries.

The SCMSC will identify specific Semantic Web technologies (e.g. RDF, OWL) that are necessary to support the requirements identified for semantic content management. 

Ultimately, the SCMSC will deliver the detailed technical specification for adding semantic content management capabilities in the registry. The proposal will address changes to RIM, XML Schema, Relational Schema and Registry Service interfaces that will be necessary to support the new features.

Proposed List of Deliverables:

The SCMSC will be responsible for the following concrete deliverables:

-Slide Presentation: Includes, Use cases, Requirements, Motivations, Assumptions and Overview of Technical proposal. 

-Detailed Technical proposal on Semantic Content Management. This will incorporated into the specs as spec content once approved.

-Paper on "Semantic Content Management using the ebXML Registry". Venue for submission of paper will be determined later.

Proposed SC Chair: Farrukh Najmi

Proposed SC Co-chair: Carl Mattocks


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