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Subject: Is there a need to discuss ontology tool support in the Semantic Content Management Subcommittee?

<ZA>Is there a need to discuss ontology tool support? </ZA>


<Farrukh>Again this topic could also be a discussion thread. My gut feel is that

as a standard we have tended to stay away from getting into tools.

However, if we build on existing standards such as OWL then we should

have no trouble supporting ontology tools without ever saying anything

about them specifically in our specs.</Farrukh>


<ZA> The question of tool support often comes up in the ontology community.  The ontology community uses the HTML as the model to make their point.  The argument goes that HTML adoption exploded once there were tools that automated the production of web pages.  The belief is that ontology adoption will grow rapidly once the tools and methodologies remove a lot of the complexity.  Should the Semantic Content Management Subcommittee be concerned with how best to support tool vendors?  If so, should this support be added to an ebXML Registry Ontology? </ZA>



Zachary Alexander

The IT Investment Architect

ebTDesign LLC, (703) 283-4325





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