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Subject: Re: [regrep] Draft Resolution: Semantic Content Management Subcommittee

Nice and concise..
I have a one word tweak -

The requirements must include the ability to utilize ontolgies for
classifying RegistryObjects and to enable semantic-based <NO claim on
being intelligent> discovery using ontology based queries.

<quote who="Farrukh Najmi">
> Team,
> Based upon Kathryn's instructions I have prepared the following *DRAFT*
> resolution for your review regarding the proposal to form a new
> Subcommittee of the ebXML Registry TC to focus on alignment with the
> semantic web.  The wording below will be finalized based upon your input
> on this thread in the next few days.
> Proposed Subcommittee Name: Semantic Content Management SC (SCMSC)
> Proposed Charter:
> The SCMSC will define use cases and requirements for managing semantic
> content within the ebXML Registry 4.0. It will seek to establish a formal
> liaison with relevant groups within the Semantic Web Activity (SWA) at
> W3C. Early in its life cycle, the SCMSC will actively engage the SWA
> relationship and solicit their help to validate requirements. The
> requirements must include the ability to utilize ontolgies for classifying
> RegistryObjects and to enable intelligent discovery using ontology based
> queries.
> The SCMSC will identify specific Semantic Web technologies (e.g. RDF, OWL)
> that are necessary to support the requirements identified for semantic
> content management.
> Ultimately, the SCMSC will deliver the detailed technical specification
> for adding semantic content management capabilities in the registry. The
> proposal will address changes to RIM, XML Schema, Relational Schema and
> Registry Service interfaces that will be necessary to support the new
> features.
> Proposed List of Deliverables:
> The SCMSC will be responsible for the following concrete deliverables:
> -Slide Presentation: Includes, Use cases, Requirements, Motivations,
> Assumptions and Overview of Technical proposal.
> -Detailed Technical proposal on Semantic Content Management. This will
> incorporated into the specs as spec content once approved.
> -Paper on "Semantic Content Management using the ebXML Registry". Venue
> for submission of paper will be determined later.
> Proposed SC Chair: Farrukh Najmi
> Proposed SC Co-chair: Carl Mattocks
> --
> Regards,
> Farrukh

Carl Mattocks CEO CHECKMi
Operational Intelligence OEM
e-Business Agents
Semantically Smart Compendiums
v/f (usa) 908 322 8715

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