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Subject: Re: [regrep] ebXML Registry and Content Management (was Re: [regrep]Meeting agenda and reminder for ebXML Registry telecon December 18th, 2003)

Hi John,

First a warm welcome to the ebXMl Registry TC. I look forward to working 
with you. More comments inline below.

John Gillerman wrote:

>At the risk of sounding grandiose, I would like to suggest that an RDF based
>information model in the registry has application beyond ECM.  

The choice for Semantic "Content Management" in name of SC has to do 
with the fact that from the registry perspective nearly every thing is 
either content or metadata about the content. For example, Service 
descriptions, actual services, agents etc. are all at some level just 
content / metadata that the registry manages.

>Many in the
>Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) community are realizing that
>without a central place to manage the meaning of data that an EAI solution
>becomes brittle and expensive to maintain.  I would think an information
>model in the registry would be useful for data warehousing as well.  

In fact with semantic understanding about the information within teh 
registry the value would be even greater.

>one of the potential overlaps we need to manage is with the Meta Object
>Facility (MOF), XML for Metadata Interchange (XMI), and Common Warehouse
>Metamodel (CWM).
There is obviously a common thread that all are metadata descriptions. 
While I keep an open mind, IMO the SCM SC should focus on RDF and 
derivatives as the metadata description languages because they are more 
evolved than the predessessors. Even within the RDF space we need to be 
focused on a subset of derivative languages.

BTW, I would like to start collecting semantic web related resources 
that people have found useful. Please share even if you think it may be 
too basic.

Here is a nice gentle begining with a 10 slide overview of Web Ontology 
WG and OWL:


>Also, I like your analogy between web/web servers and an semantic web/ebXML
>registries.  I think it encapsulates the vision nicely.
Thank you for putting up with my cliches ;-)


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