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regrep message

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Subject: Re: [regrep] Contextual replies

Duane Nickull wrote:

> One more request - there is no need to reply to the list + cc 
> individuals as well.  I just received two copies of the entire thread. 
> CC the list only.  If someone is not getting it, they can subscribe.

+1 on above suggestion.

I had just sent my 2 point suggestion when I realized that above 
suggestion should have been rule #3. Thanks for the reminder Duane.

While we are on the subject how about rule #4 below:

4. Please do not post to more than one mailing lists (cross posting). 
Instead post to the one that is the closest and then either forward to 
others individually or, even better, post a link in archive to first 
message to other lists individually.

Some people have privately said that they cannot do contextual replies 
due to their Outlook mail client. I encourage them to try out Mozilla 
1.5 which is available royalty free and is the open source basis for 
Netscape. I get a ton of email every day and find that Mozilla email 
client works really well (as does the browser).

Sorry for the off-topic tangent but I thought it would help us be more 
effective in our ability to communicate with and understand each other.


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