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Subject: Report on Open House at XML2003

The first lesson learned was that everyone enjoyed the event
and felt we need to do more of these!
We started at 10 in the morning and went thru to 4pm with
a break for lunch - so clearly everyone was enjoying
themselves.  All together we had 10 people participate thru
the day.
We spent most of the time deep diving into the CAM technology
and the work Martin Roberts has been doing at BT.
The BCM specifics were mostly overtones that we referenced
especially with reference to business context as a pervasive
The registry aspects were covered when we looked at the
specific mechanisms that CAM has for addressing registry
semantic content through the <ContentReference> section
in the CAM template.
We also came out of the get-together with several informal action
items - mostly centered around creating outreach materials for
the CAM technology to better articulate for people what CAM
can do for them.
1) Feedback to TC's (check!)
2) Add new diagram to CAM spec - copy of whiteboard one we brainstormed.
3) Process management linkage - we suddenly realized we can potentially
    point CAM templates at BPSS models - definately a wicked idea - not
    sure this is legal unless you are over 21 and have a license!
4) Need more use cases to show how context flows throughout.
5) ebXML specific use case (started diagramming) and SOA use case.
6) CAM semantics - XML rendering of components into registry (draft to be
    made available in Janaury).
7) Complete WSDL binding for CAM processor using ASAP teams example.
8) Best practice paper / brochure on CAM.
That was more than enough 'to dos' for one days brainstorming,  All
volunteers / help will be gratefully received on getting any of the above
worked on!
Thanks again to everyone who attended and made it a successful

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