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regrep message

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Subject: RDF Data Access WG Charter

Until we form the Semantic Content Management SC mailing list (suggested 
name is "regrep-scm") expected next week, I am posting  threads  to main 
TC list.

I was looking how we may support Semantically aware queries that can 
take advantage of an OWL knowledge base. It appears that in W3C this 
maps to the proposed RDF Query work slated for the next phase of the Web 
Ontologies. The charter may be found here:


I note that in the first paragraph RDF Net API submission is mentioned 
as possible input. I also note that the ebXML Registry would provide a 
much broader and deeper API for publish/discovery of RDF content once we 
add the Semantic Content Management features. This is obviously pointing 
out the need for us to get engaged in the RDF Query charter early on.

I will followup within appropriate W3C forums.

Happy new year everyone. Dont forget your civic duty and vote early and 
often on the SCM SC ballot that is active until Jan 5, 2004.


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