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Subject: Re: [regrep] XML Europe 2004 - Amsterdam

David RR Webber wrote:
Not sure who else is planning to be in Amsterdam in April - but the
deadline for submission is today.
I've submitted three OASIS talks - first is Business Process modelling
which is aimed at showing people how to model BPSS and
BPEL, the second is titled "ebXML today" and is aimed at
giving an overview of how to use all the ebXML components
with up to the minute technical details, and the third is on
using OASIS CAM and Registry technology for information
Obviously I'd love to have loads of other people presenting
sessions on how they are using OASIS spec's for use cases
and projects....
Link to submissions is:  http://www.xmleurope.com/2004/
Thanks, DW.
I submitted the following two papers:

1. Deploying an ebXML-based Web Service Registry

2. Web Content Management Using the OASIS ebXML Registry Standard


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