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Subject: Re: [regrep] Should the ebXML Registry support OKBC (Open Knowledge Base Connectivity)

A few questions that come to mind:

(1) What are some URLs that the poster found useful enough to warrant
posting this e-mail?

(2) What organizations/individuals back OKBC?

(3) What types of organizations back OKBC? (different from #3, answers
questions such as "are they only universities?", "if organizations, what
sectors are they in", etc.)

(4) How widely know/accepted/implemented is it?

(5) How does it compare with the current available set of semantic

(6) How "open" is it really? There could be 2 people coming up with
concepts in a room, and they can call it an "open" standard. What
governance process is there, if any? How does this governance process
compare to those of organizations such as OASIS and W3C?

(7) What stage is the "standard" in? How old is it?

(8) What is the outlook for its future?


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