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Subject: Re: [regrep] [Fwd: [CEFACT-ATG:672] [atg2] modularity discussion]

Thanks Monica. I completely concur with Paula's observation regarding
this issue in CCTS.

For all: The approach that we are planning to take for Core Components
in our Registry architecture is to allow not only for the registration
of Basic Core Components (BCCs) separate from Aggregate Core Components
(ACCs), but also the the registration of Basic Business Information
Entities (BBIEs) separate from Aggregate Business Information Entities
(ABIEs). This approach allows users to (for example) register a BCC with
a Dictionary Entry Name of "Country. Identifier" (without an Object
Class Qualifier, since it is not yet associated with an ACC) that can be
used in multiple ACCs (Address. Details, PersonOrigin. Details, etc.).
Once associated with each of these ACCs, the BCC's Dictionary Entry Name
would include the Object Class, to become (respectively) "Address.
Country. Identifier" and "PersonOrigin. Country. Identifier".

Otherwise, a user would need to re-register over and over a BCC (or
BBIE) for every ACC in which it may appear.


"Monica J. Martin" wrote:
> This is in line with our same questions when we looked at during the
> regrep-cc review.
> :-)
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> Subject: [CEFACT-ATG:672] [atg2] modularity discussion
> Date: Tue, 06 Jan 2004 11:07:59 -0500
> From: paula.heilig@worldspan.com
> Reply-To: cefact-atg@list.unicc.org
> To: ECE - Communication with Applied Technology Group
>      <cefact-atg@list.unicc.org>
> in the discussion on monday on modularity the question was asked as to why
> you would need a schema module for Common Basic Components since they can
> only exist as part of the Common Aggregate Components.  This raised another
> question as to whether the CCTS allows for BBIE's that are not part of an
> ABIE.  Some felt that the CCTS did not say that a BBIE can not exist by
> itself.  Right or wrong, i feel that the CCTS is fairly clear in that
> BBIE's (or BCC's) can only exist as part of an ABIE.  I cite the following
> in the CCTS:
> 4.6.1 in definition of BCC – ‘BBCs function as the properties of ACC.
> Figure 6-1  BCC's only seem to exist as part of an ACC.
> Figure 6-2 BBIE's only seem to exist as part of the ABIE
> Rule B24 - The Dictionary Entry Name of a Basic Business Information Entity
> shall consist of the following
>                   components in the specified order:
>                   - the Object Class Term of the .....
>                   how can you have an object class term without an ABIE?
> S53  Stored Business Information Entity Properties shall be stored as part
> of the stored Aggregate Business Information Entity to which they belong,
> i.e., they shall never exist independently of their owning Aggregate
> Business Information Entity.
> S62  Stored Basic Business Information Entities shall represent a Basic
> Business Information Entity Property of a particular Aggregate Business
> Information Entity.
> paula
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