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Subject: FW: TopMind continues Semantic Technology seminars in 2004

Given the new subcommittee, some of you may be interested in this.  I
apologize if you have already received it from other sources.


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From: George Adams [mailto:gadams@topquadrant.com] 
Sent: Friday, January 09, 2004 9:31 AM
To: Breininger, Kathryn R
Subject: TopMind continues Semantic Technology seminars in 2004

Dear Kathryn Breininger,

We at TopQuadrant wish you a Happy New Year!  We believe that 2004 will
see a continuing emergence of practical applications of semantic
technologies along with broadly increased awareness of the potential and
significance of the growing influence of the "semantic wave".  

In that regard, we hope that you will be interested to know that in 2004
TopQuadrant* and Jim Hendler** will be offering a continuing program of
Briefings and Workshops on Semantic Technologies.  Successfully launched
last November, almost 40 people attended our inaugural classes
confirming the growing interest in Semantic Technologies and the
Semantic Web.  Their enthusiastic participation affirmed the need for a
pragmatic education program and their feedback enabled us to make
refinements and improvements for the 2004 program.   

The new program, consisting of two 2-days modules, is carefully designed
to mentor executives, managers and 'change agents' with an overview of
the expected impact and value propositions for semantic applications
while also providing more detail for technologists and implementers.  

For those new to semantic technologies, we recommend the complete
program - Modules 1 and 2 in sequence.  Those with significant
experience of semantic technologies and/or those more technically
oriented may wish to take Module 2 only.  For those with very limited
time, Day 1 only of Module 1 (Executive Briefing) is available on a
limited basis.

1. Semantic Technologies for Managers (Module I - two day overview
       Day 1 "Executive Briefing on Semantic Technologies and the
Semantic Web"
       Day 2 " Building Enterprise Solutions with Semantic Models"

2. Building on XML: Using RDF/S and OWL (Module 2 - two day hands-on

Throughout 2004, we will be offering classes on a bi-monthly basis in
the Washington, DC area starting with the week of February 9 -12 and
again April 26-29 -- additional dates through the year will be announced
soon.  We also have plans for offering this program in other locations
around the USA and internationally.  As always, any offering can be
customized to the specific needs of groups or organizations on request.

For more information on the new and revised program, visit our web site
at http://www.topquadrant.com/seminars/topmind.htm.  We invite you to
discover whether these tutorials meet with your interests, and hope to
see you in attendance.  Thanks from TopQuadrant. 

Contact us at 724-846-9300 or trainings@topquadrant.com for questions or

* * Jim Hendler is a Professor at the University of Maryland and the
Director of Semantic Web and Agent Technology at the Maryland
Information and Network Dynamics Laboratory.  As Chief Scientist and
Program Manager at  DARPA for the DAML program, he has been one of the
major drivers in the creation of the Semantic Web, and continues to be a
prominent player in the W3C's Semantic Web Activity

* TopQuadrant maintains a constant watch on semantic technology
products, vendors and standards in order to act as a trusted
intermediary for customers who want to deploy successful solutions and
gain an early advantage from these emerging technologies.  Recently,
TopQuadrant co-organized the landmark event "Semantic Technologies for
e-Government" at the White House Conference Center, on September 8th
2003, and was awarded Special Recognition by the Federal CIO Council's
XML Web Services Working Group for exceptional performance on the
"Semantic Technologies for eGov" Pilot Project.  
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