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regrep message

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Subject: Re: [regrep] Fwd: Re: [emergency] BEA, Microsoft,and Tibco Release WS-Eventing Specification

Rex Brooks wrote:

> Yup. CAP 1.1 might benefit from integrating the ebXML Registry 
> subscription model, and I will mention it when the appropriate time 
> comes. 

That would be good. You can count on help from myself and other TC 
members when the time is right to help as needed.

> I'm not sure that WSRP TC would be interested, since it is a bit more 
> specialized, but it's a thought.

Funny you should mention it. There is a lot of interest in WSRP using 
ebXML Registry. Joe and I are working actively with WSRP to author a 
Tech Note on using ebXML Registry to publish WSRP Services. A relevant 
thread is at:




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