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Subject: RE: [regrep] Fwd: Re: [emergency] BEA, Microsoft, and Tibco Release WS-Eventing Specification

Oh, There's no doubt that WSRP will use ebXML Registry, as well as 
UDDI, but it is unlikely that it will adopt any eventing model as its 
own because WSRP needs several kinds of eventing, especially that 
which requires coordination and customization of the data/information 
content contained within event messages for specific kinds of 
processing, and to use event messages as a specific kinds of 
triggering mechanisms. It is also likely that deciding on the 
eventing model per se will not be undertaken until v2.0 after we go 
through v1.1 this year.

ebXML Registry Event Notification is content-based (not subject-based) and
it might be quite applicable for the requirements you briefly expressed. Of
course, once the detailed requirements are available we can look at them and
check whether ebXML Registry Event Notification can support them or not.


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