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Subject: UDDI FAQ entry on ebXML Registry


The UDDI TC has the following question in their FAQ:

8. How does UDDI compare with the work of the OASIS ebXML Registry TC?

I was helping Luc scrub the answer to the question. With Luc's permission I post the latest answer below.
The description below seems reasonable to me. Does any one have any comments?

My thanks to Luc for his responsiveness on this subject.

BTW maybe we should consider having the exact same question and answer in our FAQ (with Luc's permission)?


ebXML Registry is a constituant part of the Electronic Business using XML (ebXML) standard, which develops standards and protocols to support business-to-business (B2B) operations. The ebXML Registry TC has defined a general purpose registry service for publishing and discovery of arbitrary content and standardized metadata, known as ebXML Reg/Rep. ebXML Reg/Rep is both a registry and a repository.

UDDI, managed by the UDDI Spec TC, is focused as a registry service for Web services and its artifacts.

Both UDDI and ebXML Registry may be used within the organization and across organizations.

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