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Subject: Re: [regrep] question about relationship between JSR 170 and ebXMLRegistry

Peter Kacandes wrote:
Some time ago there was some discussion on the alias about the relationship between the reg/rep and content mgmt. systems.
Among other things, I seem to recall there were general conclusions (roughly implying) that the reg/rep could provide interoperability among various cm systems.
So, I'm wondering how people see the relationship between JSR 170 and reg/rep.
Here's the description of the JSR:

The API should be a standard, implementation independent, way to access content bi-directionally on a granular level within a content repository. A Content Repository is a high-level information management system that is a superset of traditional data repositories. A content repository implements "content services" such as: author based versioning, full textual searching, fine grained access control, content categorization and content event monitoring. It is these "content services" that differentiate a Content Repository from a Data Repository.

Many of today's (web)applications are interacting with a content repository in various ways.

This API proposes that content repositories have a dedicated, standard way of interaction with applications that deal with content. This API will focus on transactional read/write access, binary content (stream operations), textual content, full-text searching, filtering, observation, versioning, handling of hard and soft structured content.

It seems like this would address some of the things that were being discussed on the thread without needing to have a reg/rep involved.
I realize I'm probably missing some big distinctions, but I know I can count on you bright people to wise up the marketing guy.
I am Sun's rep to JSR 170.

In the last few months I have been relatively disengaged.
My information below may be somewhat dated.
It may also be negatively pre-disposed.

JSR 170 is a Java API being developed within the JCP and will eventually be a standard Java API for content repositories.

ebXML Registry is an XML Standard that may have implementations in Java and other platforms.

JAXR is a JCP approved and fairly established Java API for XML Registries and Repositories. It is also a required part of the J2EE 1.4 platform.

Very early in the JSR 170 life cycle I expressed the concern that it was duplicating work done in JAXR API and ebXML Registry without having any relationship to those  pre-existing standards. I suggested that JSR 170 align with JAXR API and ebXML Registry to address that concern.

The JSR 170 expert group decided not to alter course in light of that suggestion and is continuing to chart their own course.

JSR 170 EG has several content management vendors as participants (more so than ebXML Registry TC).

JSR 170 lacks most of the features of ebXML Registry.

JSR 170 is a Java API while ebXML Registry is an XML Standard and a web service.

Looking at my crystal ball, I personally do not quite see the long term viability for JSR 170 because it is not based on existing XML standards for Registry/Repository (ebXML Registry, ISO 11179 etc).


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