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Subject: FW: [OASIS members] Second Call For Presentations - OASIS Symposium in Reliable Infrstructure

Second call...

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From: Karl F. Best [mailto:karl.best@oasis-open.org] 
Sent: Monday, January 26, 2004 5:56 AM
To: members@lists.oasis-open.org; xml-dev@lists.xml.org
Subject: [OASIS members] Second Call For Presentations - OASIS Symposium
in Reliable Infrstructure

The OASIS Symposium on Reliable Infrastructures for XML (with Annual 
General Meeting and Technical Committee meetings to follow) April 26th 
through 29th, 2004 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Second Call for Presentations

OASIS, the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information 
Standards, invites you to submit a proposal for a presentation, panel 
discussion or tutorial for the OASIS Symposium on Reliable 
Infrastructures for XML (including, but not limited to, web services 
architectures). The goals of the symposium are to:

* Provide a forum for OASIS Technical Committee members to exchange 
ideas and present results of ongoing work, works-in-progress, etc.;
* Identify areas where coordination between standards efforts is needed 
to promote interoperability;
* Identify unaddressed topics where standards development is needed;
* Enable outside experts to present issues / opportunities to OASIS

The symposium will be followed immediately with two days (April 28th and

29th)reserved for OASIS Technical Committees, Joint Committees and 
Member Sections to use for face-to-face working sessions. Conference 
rooms will be available to TC's to use for their meetings based on the 
number of rooms booked at the designated hotel; space is limited. The 
OASIS Annual General Meeting will also be held in conjunction with the 

Event Information

The OASIS Symposium will be held on Monday, April 26th and Tuesday, 
April 27th at the Marriott in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. The symposium

registration fee for OASIS members is 265 USD. The OASIS Annual General 
Meeting will be held Tuesday evening. All OASIS members are invited to 

For more information, please go to 


Many different (and partially interchangeable) technologies are proposed

or available to increase the reliability of XML-based messaging and 
networking infrastructure.  These include technologies applied:

* At the transport layer (e.g. reliable messaging specifications);
* At the application layer (e.g. transaction protocols);
* At intermediate levels (e.g. routing, point-to-point compared to 
* By using Message-Oriented Middleware as a carrier for XML messages.

We define "reliable" to mean that implementing one or more of these 
technologies in an infrastructure removes some of the burden of ensuring

application integrity from software programmers and architects.

The OASIS Symposium is focused on exploring the current state of these 
technologies and exploring areas where open standards are needed.


The symposium program committee invites you to submit a proposal for a 
presentation, panel discussion or tutorial that addresses technologies 
and standards for reliable XML infrastructures.

Presentations should be 30 minutes long including question and answer. 
Sessions will consist of related presentations, ending with a 
question-and-answer session directed to the presenters.

Panel sessions should be 60 minutes long. Proposals for panels should 
include the topic, 3-to-4 potential panelists (name and/or role) and 
proposed format (e.g. Q&A, short presentations).

Tutorials should be 1/2 day sessions.  Tutorial proposals should state 
intended audience and learning objectives.

Proposals should address topics in reliability as applied to XML-based 
communications at the technology and implementation levels, ideally 
driven by usage scenarios. Special consideration will be given to 
proposals that:

* Compare and contrast multiple related technologies (clear comparisons 
of published and forthcoming XML transaction protocols) with a view 
toward guidance for application architects;
* Support and consider decisions about choice of appropriate 
technologies (e.g. use of reliable messaging and simpler protocols 
rather than transactional termination protocols);
* Place OASIS technologies in a broader context of competing or 
complementary specifications (e.g. relating OASIS work to the variety of

published reliable messaging specifications);
* Consider alternative approaches to transaction management (e.g. local 
rollback versus compensation-based protocols);
* Compare reliability techniques for environmental models containing 
benign threats versus malign threats;
* Consider techniques for ensuring accountability of origin and receipt;
* Discuss the impact of digital signatures and encryption on reliability


OASIS will publish proceedings of the symposium. Authors should arrange 
for any necessary releases for publication prior to submission of their 

To submit a proposal, please send the following information by email to 

* The full contact details (name, affiliation, email, phone, postal 
address) of one presenter who will act as the primary contact for the 
proposal or panel discussion;
* The full list of authors;
* A 1-page abstract outlining the subject and key points of your 
proposal, panel discussion or tutorial.

All submissions will be acknowledged.

Important dates

Symposium                   26th and 27th April 2004
Location                    New Orleans
Proposals Due               9 February 2004
Notification to submitters  15 March 2004
Materials Due               12 April 2004

Program Committee

The Program Committee is the OASIS Technical Advisory Board (TAB):

* Karl Best, OASIS
* Derek Coleman, HP
* William Cox, BEA
* Chet Ensign, LexisNexis
* Chris Ferris, IBM
* Eduardo Gutentag, Sun
* Jackson He, Intel
* Tim Moses, Entrust
* Krishna Sankar, Cisco
* Pete Wenzel, SeeBeyond

For further information, send email to symposium@oasis-open.org.

This email list is used solely by OASIS for official consortium
communications. Opt-out requests may be sent to
member_services@oasis-open.org, however, all members are strongly
encouraged to maintain a subscription to this list.

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