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Subject: RE: [regrep] Minutes from our meeting held Jan. 22, 2004

I'm sorry I cannot join you this week as I will be away for a long weekend
in the sun. A short update:

I have completed the MOD report. Thanks to those who helped. I will need to
get permission to publish it openly. This was discussed at the last eGov TC
telecon, at which I was asked to lead preparation of a proposal for a proof
of concept / showcase of the use of the ebXML registry (and other things)
for storing and managing data dictionary and schema components in
government. I have done a first draft of the proposal, which is currently
with the MOD to ensure they are happy with it. John Borras has already
commented on behalf of the Office of the e-Envoy.

Following this, the draft proposal will go to a subset of the eGov TC for
completion. In practice, I don't see why it should not go to all, and here
as well (although those most interested here are also on the eGov TC).



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