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Subject: Re: [regrep] Direct Data Exchange vs. SOA

Chiusano Joseph wrote:

>I have an inquiry that is not directly related to our mission here, but
>I hope to get some good insight in response please:
>Let's say we have a purchase order process between trading partners (PO
>sent, Invoice received). There are (for the purposes of this inquiry) 2
>possible ways to handle this process:
>(1) Direct Data Exchange (create XML documents based on a common schema,
>and exchange them between trading partners)
>(2) SOA (have a purchase order/invoice shared service that is discovered
>in a registry, etc.)
>My inquiry is: What would drive an organization to use one approach or
>the other, from both a business and technical standpoint? For instance,
>would "critical mass of services and/or trading partners" be a driver
>for SOA vs. direct data exchange?
The second approach allows for multi-party colaboration instead of 
binary collaboration.
It would rely on Registry Event notification. An example would be a 
bidding or auction scenario.


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