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Subject: Re: [regrep] Direct Data Exchange vs. SOA

In general, (2) would be considered a more mature approach, as in CMM and
ISO9000. i.e. SOA using Registry is evidence of Businees using well
documented services performed using automated repeatable process complying
with one or more international standards

<quote who="Monica J. Martin">
>>>>Chiusano: I hope to get some good insight in response please:
>>>>Let's say we have a purchase order process between trading partners (PO
>>>>sent, Invoice received). There are (for the purposes of this inquiry) 2
>>>>possible ways to handle this process:
>>>>(1) Direct Data Exchange (create XML documents based on a common
>>>> schema,
>>>>and exchange them between trading partners)
>>>>(2) SOA (have a purchase order/invoice shared service that is
>>>> discovered
>>>>in a registry, etc.)
>>>>My inquiry is: What would drive an organization to use one approach or
>>>>the other, from both a business and technical standpoint? For instance,
>>>>would "critical mass of services and/or trading partners" be a driver
>>>>for SOA vs. direct data exchange?
> In the discussion, suggest we also recognize and account for the fact
> that in (1) and (2) that the business process definition may guide the
> exchange regardless of if via a service or via the document exchange.
> Thanks.
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