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Subject: [Proposal] Parameterized Stored Queries


Recall that we agreed to add the Parameterized Stored Queries feature to 
version 3 in our last meeting.
I had taken the AI to write the spec for the proposed feature.

The proposal may be found at:


I took ebRS 2.5
and gutted it down to the query chapter. I then left only preceding and 
following headers to provide context
and added a new section called "Stored Query Support":

8.1 Ad hoc Query Request / Response

8.2 Filter Query Support

8.3 SQL Query Support

8.4: Stored Query Support <================ New Section Added 

8.5 Content Retrieval

Thus it shows exactly what change will need to be made to the spec (add 
about 2 pages).
Note that Nikola and I still need to make minor mod to Event 
Notification to allow parameter
passing for Selector query.

Please review this prior to todays meeting. Kathryn, could we please add 
the review of this document as an agenda item
for todays meeting? Thanks.


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