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Subject: Interest in Ontology Process Control Subcommittee

RegRep Team,

Is there any interest in starting an Ontology Process Control
Subcommittee? This subcommittee would develop registry standards for
supporting process control ontology engineering.  The effort would
produce an ebXML Registry standard that will be ontology representation
neutral. Description Logics may not provide the most robust means of
specifying processes. OWL DL is based on Description Logics. However,
there are a number of logic systems (i.e., Modal Logic, Temporal Logic,
and Paraconsistent Logic). Use of one logic system versus another could
provide competitive advantage.  This subcommittee would have as its
charter the concept of Logic System Neutrality.   

Zachary Alexander
The IT Investment Architect 
ebTDesign LLC, (703) 283-4325
http://www.ebTDesign.com | http://www.p2peconomy.com |

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