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Subject: RE: [regrep] Interest in Ontology Process Control Subcommittee

Farrukh pretty well summed it up.  The TC would need to clearly
understand the concept and any issues, and a short paper would certainly
be a good way to provide that understanding.  Then the TC would need to
determine if they wanted to produce a TC approved Technical Note, and a
couple individuals on the TC, or a subcommittee, could work on the note,
depending on the complexity, etc.  The final Technical Note would need
to be approved by the entire TC.


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From: Zachary Alexander [mailto:zack2003@ebtdesign.com] 
Sent: Friday, March 12, 2004 7:59 AM
To: 'ebXML Regrep (ebXML Regrep)'
Subject: RE: [regrep] Interest in Ontology Process Control Subcommittee

Farrukh and Kathryn,

The creation of an ebXML Registry enabled Process Control Application
white paper sounds like a good next step. Are there any administrative
tasks that need to be performed?

Zachary Alexander
The IT Investment Architect 
ebTDesign LLC, (703) 283-4325
http://www.ebTDesign.com | http://www.p2peconomy.com |

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From: Farrukh Najmi [mailto:Farrukh.Najmi@Sun.COM] 
Sent: Friday, March 12, 2004 10:40 AM
To: Zachary Alexander
Cc: 'ebXML Regrep (ebXML Regrep)'
Subject: Re: [regrep] Interest in Ontology Process Control Subcommittee

Zachary Alexander wrote:

>Let's go back to the original question, "Is there any interest in an 
>Ontology Process Control Subcommittee." I don't care if the output is a

>new standard, an addition to the current standard or a technical note. 
>All, I am asking about is the amount of interest.  Process control 
>applications are found in a number of industries from manufacturing to 
>insurance to agriculture to financial services.  The challenges in
>industries are complex, real-time, high impact and would benefit from 
>ebXML registry support.

I think process control could well be an important application for ebXML


The first step toward collective understanding of this application could
be a paper describes the application and how ebXML Registry is used to
enable it. Such a paper could be posted at relevant web sites and we
could review and approve it being linked off the TC site.

A next step could be to consider whether such a paper should be written
as an approved Technical Note by the TC. If the answer is yes then it
may be the right time to consider creating an SC chartered to author the

Note that it is not always necessary to create an SC to author a TN. For

the "Using ebXML Registry to Publish Web Services" TN was not authored
within an SC.

That said, I commend you on a good idea for a ebXML Registry
application, paper and possible technical note. I would suggest you get
started on your own while inviting interested folks to join you in
writing the paper.

I would be willing to collaborate with you on this paper in a secondary
role if you see fit. Thanks.


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