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Subject: Re: [regrep] Groups - New Action Item #0000 Review CC documents

Hi Duane,

Thanks for getting us started on this important work. Here are some 
minor comments on the documents.

Comments on:

*Requirements for Serializations and Storage of Core Components (CC’s) 
and Business Information Entities (BIE’s) within ebXML Registry 
Repository facilities.*

 > "Would recommend re-using the same format for the core components 
UUID but supplementing it with a property value of the URL of the 
registry that is the Data Stewards home Registry."

The summplimenting clause in above is not necessary since all remote 
ObjectRefs are required to have a home attribute which serves the same 
A null home implies local registry is home.

 > " Initially, English and French will be supported."

Vive La France! I always say but surely this must be a leftover from 
another document Aye ;-)
I dont think we want to play favourites in the requirements.

 >" The DEM must be in a format capable of expressing multi-byte 
character encoding such as UTF-16 in order to facilitate 

Suggest adding explicit requirement for support for UTF-8 and UTF-16 in 
addition. This is what the registry does too.

 > " The DEM must be capable of containing an intrinsic relationship to 
context declarations in order to facilitate the above requirements, 
possibly in addition to the registry relationships expressed within the 
CPSIN data dictionary, ebXML RIM and ISO/EIC 11179 parts 1-5."

Again you probably did not intend to mention CPSIN. Aye ;-)

Comments on:

*Work for CC Review sub-Committee*

 > " CC Storage Recommendations"

Consider callaing this "CC Binding to ebXML Registry" Recommendations

 > "CC Serialization Recommendations"

Consider calling this CC Serialization Format Recommendations"

 > " Must take into account ATG2 CC NDR work "

Please include link in Reference section

 > " Who else is committed to this work? "

I suspect Antii and Diego from Republica would add tremendous value to 
this work.
Due to bandwidth issues I will ne unable contribute in a significant way 
but will be
glad to assist as a reviewer and consultant on RIM/RSS as the team sees fit.

Thanks for the good work.


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