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Subject: [Fwd: [egov] OASIS ballot on the Common Alerting Protocol]



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I would like to request your support for the OASIS ballot
on the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP). The attached article
by Sikandra Christian gives a sense of what CAP is about.

The ballot closes on March 31. To ratify a standard, we
need affirmative votes from 15 percent of the OASIS members.
We don't anticipate any problem with "no" votes; our issue
is just to prompt enough OASIS members to cast a vote.

To vote, go to "http://www.oasis-open.org/"; and select
"Members Only". Click "All Groups" on the left, then click
"Ballots" in the "Go To" section. You should see a ballot
called "approve CAP as an OASIS Standard". If you encounter
difficulty using the OASIS website, you can cast your vote
by sending email to Karl.Best@oasis-open.org

Please forward this note if you are a member of other
OASIS TC discussion lists that are interested in alerts.




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