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Subject: [no subject]

In the context of the SCM noun dictionaries - this
provides the means to have the semantics defined
in XML - and then associate an XSD fragment that
implements that - a nice neutral approach here -
since the W3C is wedded to XSD implicitly - while
SCM and the registry can provide neutral representation
along with OWL ontology mechaisms to provide
better reuse, versioning and control - than just
using XSD and no registry.

Enjoy, DW.

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Chiusano Joseph" <chiusano_joseph@bah.com>
To: <regrep@lists.oasis-open.org>
Sent: Monday, April 05, 2004 1:46 PM
Subject: [regrep] W3C XML Schema: Component Designators

> Has anyone seen this recent W3C Working Draft? It bears direct relation
> to the concepts of schema component-based assembly.
> More details:
> TITLE: "W3C XML Schema: Component Designators" (W3C Working Draft 9
> March 2004)
> URL: http://www.w3.org/TR/xmlschema-ref/
> MISSION: Defines a system for designating XML Schema components
> - Lays out the inventory of schema components into three classes:
> (1) Primary components: simple and complex type definitions, attribute
> declarations, and element declarations
> (2) Secondary components: attribute and model group definitions,
> identity-constraint definitions, and notation declarations
> (3) "Helper" components: annotations, model groups, particles,
> wildcards, and attribute uses
> - There is a also master schema component, the "schema" component, that
> represents the schema as a whole.
> - There are also schema components for the facets defined in Part 2 of
> the W3C XML Schema recommendation [XSD2]:
> (1) Fundamental Facets: ordered, bounded, cardinality, numeric
> (2) Constraining Facets: whiteSpace, minInclusive, maxInclusive,
> minExclusive, maxExclusive, totalDigits, fractionDigits, length,
> minLength, maxLength, pattern, enumeration
> - It also presents a 3-layer model of schema component reference:
> Layer 1: Reference Core - defines reference to a schema component in the
> context of an assembled XML Schema
> Layer 2: Schema Assembly - assembling a schema from a collection of
> schema documents; one way is from some kind of package format defining
> the collection;
> Layer 3: Schema URI - defines conventions for obtaining a single URI to
> refer to a collection of schema documents forming a schema (leverages
> XPointer)
> - It also defines the syntax for a "schema component path" whose steps
> are each of the following form:
> /[schema component kind]([ns-prefix:[name]])[[predicate]]
> - So one may reference, for example, a single element within a schema
> as:
> /element(prefix:name)[n] or /prefix:name[n], where the [n] will be
> absent if the {scope} of the element declaration is global and may be
> absent if the value of n is 1.
> - So I believe that one can develop a single "master schema" that acts
> as a template for the construction of other schemas, through the
> declaration of schema component paths that designate the schema
> construct that one wishes to "extract" (so to speak) from the master
> schema in creating a new schema.
> -This would be an alternative to storing and maintaining these
> components in a registry (note deliberate use of term "component).
> Thoughts?
> -- 
> Kind Regards,
> Joseph Chiusano
> Associate
> Booz | Allen | Hamilton
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Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
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<?xml version=3D"1.0" encoding=3D"utf-8"?>
<CAM CAMlevel=3D"1" version=3D"0.17"
  <Description>A test CAM Template that shows how to use CAM for CCTS =
and XSD generation.</Description>
  <Owner>Duane Nickull</Owner>
   <Declaration parameter=3D"Geopolitical" value=3D"CA-ON" =
                 ccts:qualifier=3D"ISO-3166-2" =
ccts:agencyURL=3D"http://www.iso.org"; />
   <Declaration parameter=3D"IndustryClassification" value=3D"9221" =
                 label=3D"Justice, Public Order, and Safety Activities"
                 ccts:qualifier=3D"NAICS-2002" =
ccts:agencyURL=3D"http://www.naics.org"; />
   <Declaration parameter=3D"SystemCapability" value=3D"xml_schema_xsd" =
  <Structure ID=3D"CCTS-XSD" taxonomy=3D"XML">
   <DataElement root=3D"true" name=3D"Being" as:setID=3D"Being" >
    <DataElement name=3D"BeingTypeIdentifier" =
    <DataElement name=3D"GenderIdentifier"  =
                 as:include=3D"0014-GenderIdentifier.xml" />
    <DataElement name=3D"BeingBirthYear" as:setID=3D"BeingBirthYear"
                 as:include=3D"0020-BeingBirthYear.xml" />
    <DataElement name=3D"BeingBirthMonth" as:setID=3D"BeingBirthMonth"
                 as:include=3D"0018-BeingBirthMonth.xml" />
    <DataElement name=3D"BeingBirthDay"  as:setID=3D"BeingBirthDay"
                 as:include=3D"0017-BeingBirthDay.xml" />
  <Structure ID=3D"CCTS-XML" taxonomy=3D"XML">
     <constraint action=3D"makeRepeatable(//Being)"/>
     <constraint action=3D"makeOptional(//GenderIdentifier)"/>
     <constraint =
     <constraint action=3D"setLength(//GenderIdentifier,1)"/>
     <constraint action=3D"setLength(//BeingBirthYear,4)"/>
     <constraint action=3D"setLength(//BeingBirthMonth,2)"/>
     <constraint action=3D"setLength(//BeingBirthDay,2)"/>
     <constraint action=3D"setMask(//BeingBirthYear,####)"/>
     <constraint action=3D"setMask(//BeingBirthMonth,##)"/>
     <constraint action=3D"setMask(//BeingBirthDay,##)"/>
    <registry name=3D"CCTS" access=3D"registry.my-house.ca:8080" =
              description=3D"Test CCTS Dictionary Registry access"/>

   <item type=3D"noun" name=3D"//BeingTypeIdentifier"
         UIDReference=3D"0021-BeingTypeIdentfier.xml" =
taxonomy=3D"XMLpath" registry=3D"CCTS"
         ccts:modeltype=3D"BIE" />
   <item type=3D"noun" name=3D"//GenderIdentifier"
         UIDReference=3D"0014-GenderIdentifier.xml" taxonomy=3D"XMLpath" =
         ccts:modeltype=3D"BIE" />
   <item type=3D"noun" name=3D"//BeingBirthYear"
         UIDReference=3D"0020-BeingBirthYear.xml" taxonomy=3D"XMLpath" =
         ccts:modeltype=3D"BIE" />
   <item type=3D"noun" name=3D"//BeingBirthMonth"
         UIDReference=3D"0020-BeingBirthYear.xml" taxonomy=3D"XMLpath" =
         ccts:modeltype=3D"BIE" />
   <item type=3D"noun" name=3D"//BeingBirthDay"
         UIDReference=3D"0020-BeingBirthYear.xml" taxonomy=3D"XMLpath" =
         ccts:modeltype=3D"BIE" />


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