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Subject: Re: Why not use ebXML Registry for OASIS documentr management?

Karl F. Best wrote:

> Farrukh:
> How long until version control is part of the spec? When will software 
> be available?

We hope to have the initial proposal out this week or next. We hope to 
have the version 3
ballot for TC approval in the next 2 months. I expect that the freebXML 
Registry implementation
will support it in the next 3 months.

Note that for source code control subvesrion would still be the better 
choice but for document management
ebXML Registry is the better fit. For example ebXML Registry will allow 
the documents to be accessible
at user defined URLs. Subversion I suspect will not.

Subversion will also not support:

-Rich meta data such as classifications, associations etc. (and in 
future Semantic Meta data)

-Content validation and cataloging

-Notification of changes based on specific event filtering queries

-Content based discovery

-Fine grained access control

-Federated repository model

BTW it is possible that an ebXML Registry implementation may use 
subversion under the hood for
it versioning sub-system.

Let the TC know if you have any follow up questions or any suggestions 
on features lacking in ebXML Registry standard.


> -Karl
> Farrukh Najmi wrote:
>> Hi Karl,
>> I am curious if you have considered using an ebXML Registry for all 
>> your document management needs.
>> I would welcome your engaging with the TC if the specs are lacking 
>> some critical features. I would be interested
>> in understanding what led you to subversion instead of ebXML Registry.
>> An obvious missing feature is version control and you may not be 
>> aware but the TC is working on adding version control
>> to our version 3.0 specs.
>> Any other reasons that prevented you from using ebXML Registry as 
>> your doc management system?

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