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Subject: Re: [regrep] Issue with UUID's for Core Components and BIE's

Yes, Yes - similar to the way the Getty Art Foundation acts as the
authority for the semantic relations embedded in Art & Architecture
Thesuarus and  ACORD is the authority for Schemas used in Insurance
transactions (and eventually the ontology) ...
I expect the content of many Registry / Repository services will be
organized using 'associations' defined elsewhere and therefore require
synchronization on a regular basis. .

<quote who="David RR Webber">
> Carl,
> You raise an interesting another point.  In BCM we talk about
> domains, communities of interest and then authoritive sources.
> Such an authority clearly has to be responsible for managing the
> UID values within their domain.
> Using my example - the USPS is managing the semantics
> around their address formats.  Then this can be crosswalked
> to the international authority - the UPU - and their UID set,
> and similarly the OASIS CIQ too.
> However - you expect that domain analysts can work
> offline - and then later upload or share their work with
> both RR servers and co-workers.   This is another
> critical value - that avoids the need for an RR in order
> to be able to do CCTS.  If you use UUID - you are almost
> mandating that people have to do this with RR - and that
> clearly breaks the ebXML need for components to be
> self-sufficient.
> The good news is - by decoupling away from UUID values
> and using UID as the reference - any registry can happily
> import those definitions and assign it own local UUID internal
> keys to those entries - without breaking anything.
> Also - by using the UID - you can track groups of related
> definitions ( query on "USPS0201*" ) and so on - and
> versions and sub-versions (query on "USPS020120:*") -
> which is not possible in a UUID based system.
> Notice also that if you want to use something like UDEF id
> in addition - or in place of the 6 digit UID - this also
> works - for the same reasons - the authoritative source
> creates the UDEF ids and these then become the domain
> reference system.
> All these behaviours and more is why the reference system
> for the semantic building blocks should be using the UID
> tied to the registry%

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