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Subject: Re: [regrep] Issue with UUID's for Core Components and BIE's


This is exactly another point I was making WRT the access method.

Using UIDs and the mechanism here - explicitly allows you to avoid
having to use a registry if you do not want to - but allows you to
upgrade seamlessly to registry - if and when that becomes a
priority for you.

         <registry name="ukt"
method="URL" description="UK Telecommunications B2B Forum Registry"/>
      </Addressing><!--78 Items-->
      <item type="noun" name="AccessDetails" UIDReference="ukt000007"
taxonomy="UID" registry="ukt"/>
      <item type="noun" name="AccessDetails/@Notes" UIDReference="ukt000877"
taxonomy="UID" registry="ukt"/>
      <item type="noun" name="Agency" UIDReference="ukt000207"
taxonomy="UID" registry="ukt"/>
      <item type="noun" name="Agency/@AgencyID" UIDReference="ukt000910"
taxonomy="UID" registry="ukt"/>

It also allows you to EASILY reference more than one registry
at the same time - as in the second example - (see bottom of
message here).

Thanks, DW

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Duane Nickull" <dnickull@adobe.com>
> >
> [DN] the issue I have encountered several times is that often the BIE's
> and CC's are used outside of the registry and possibly in an environment
> where there is no registry access.  Therefore, the Registry association
> mechanism may not work.
> There is also a use case whereby the BIE and CC are stored in two
> different registries.  An association could probably be tweaked via the
> HTTP access to the registry object to represent this, however that is
> probably not a good practice.
> Duane
> -- 
> Senior Standards Strategist
> Adobe Systems, Inc.
> http://www.adobe.com
A C C E S S I N G    M U L T I -  S O U R C E S

    <registry name="SGIR" access="registry.sgir.org:1023" method="URL"
              description="Sporting Goods Industry Registry"/>
    <registry name="SGIRWSDL" access="registry.sgir.org:1025" method="WSDL"
              description="Sporting Goods Industry Registry"/>
    <registry name="UN" access="registry.un.org:9090" method="ebXML"
              description="United Nations EDIFACT Registry"/>
    <registry name="UPS" access="registry.ups.com:7001" method="URL"
              description="United Parcels Service Registry"/>
    <registry name="USPS" access="registry.usps.gov:8080" method="URL"
              description="United States Postal Service Registry"/>
    <registry name="Local" access="rdbms.mybusiness.com:4040" method="SQL"
              description="Local Product Database stored procedures"/>

   <item type="noun" name="RefCode"
         UIDReference="SGIR010027" taxonomy="UID" registry="SGIR"/>
   <item type="noun" name="Description"
         UIDReference="SGIR010050" taxonomy="UID" registry="SGIR"/>
   <item type="noun" name="Style"
         UIDReference="SGIR010028" taxonomy="UID" registry="SGIR"/>
   <item type="noun" name="SupplierID"
         UIDReference="SGIR010029" taxonomy="UID" registry="SGIR"/>
   <item type="noun" name="CatalogueRef" UIDReference="none" taxonomy="none"
   <item type="noun" name="DistributorID" UIDReference="none"
   <item type="noun" name="UnitPrice"
         UIDReference="070010" taxonomy="EDIFACT" registry="UN"/>
   <item type="noun" name="QuantityOrdered"
         UIDReference="070011" taxonomy="EDIFACT" registry="UN"/>
   <item type="noun" name="OrderDelivery"
         UIDReference="UPS050050" taxonomy="UID" registry="UPS"/>
   <item type="defaultAssembly" name="DeliveryAddress"
         UIDReference="USPS090081:01:05" taxonomy="UID" registry="USPS"/>

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