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Subject: Re: [regrep] Summary: Issue with UUID's for Core Components and BIE's

David RR Webber wrote:

>Finally you have clarified the question you were trying to ask
>(see bottom).
>The mechanism you have described assumes you are using
>CC and BIEs with an ebXML Registry.   This of course is only
>one use case.
>The use case I am focusing on is the broader one.  It does not
>mandate the use of ebXML Registry - and provides support
>for industry groups that may already have developed their
>own CCs and codification schemes ( UDEF, RosettaNet, OAGi,
>X12, CEFACT and more).
>If you want to lock CCTS to ebXML Registry and UUID - then
>what you are describing is an approach.
>I however believe that the CCTS has not made this decision - 
>and that the UID system (i.e. a human readable domain 
>specific CODIFICATION system) is used to uniquely identify 
>BIEs, CC and more equally applies and is being used.
Any work in the CCReview sub-team I assume is to address the use of CCTS 
specs in a ebXML Registry context.
Take ebXML Registry out of tech picture and in my opinion the problems 
is outside the scope of the ebXML Registry TC or any of its SCs.


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