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Subject: Re: [regrep-cc-review] Re: [regrep] Summary: Issue with UUID's forCore Components and BIE's

Farrukh Najmi wrote:

> Any work in the CCReview sub-team I assume is to address the use of 
> CCTS specs in a ebXML Registry context.
> Take ebXML Registry out of tech picture and in my opinion the problems 
> is outside the scope of the ebXML Registry TC or any of its SCs.


yes - you are correct.

Based on the analysis of the issues, the scope and mandate of the sub 
committee may need to be expanded to include a format for declaring 
contexts. Page 254 of the CCTS v 2 of Aug 11:

“The registry will provide a list of pre-defined Business Information 
Entities that are
available to the selected Business Process, and which meet the Context 
specified. These will come with identified relationships to the Core 
Components upon
which they are based, and the Context rules/values that fully qualify 
them. The
registry should also return partial matches with an indication of how 
closely they
match the specified Context."

A context declaration set has not been formally defined in a way that 
can be stored and accessed via a registry, however, the model is strong 
enough and complete enough to make some XML declaration very easily IMO.



Senior Standards Strategist
Adobe Systems, Inc.

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