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Subject: Re: [regrep] CCS Context Categories Semantic Classification was[regrep-cc-review] RE: [regrep] Summary: Issue with UUID's for Core Componentsand BIE's

David RR Webber wrote:

>I agree on the context mechanism.  I've looked at what
>Duane has implemented - and its useful in demonstrating
>the CCTS 8 categories context approach.
>However - the work elsewhere on context in OASIS
>such as BCM, ebBP and CAM have taken a more
>general approach not limited to 8 categories.
The extensibility features of the registry allow for definition of a few 
(standard) artifacts and ability to extend that set with user dfeined 
ones. For example
assume that the CCTS Context categories map to a CCTSContext 
Classification Scheme
then that scheme could canonically have 8 ClassificationNodes defined by 
the CC-Review
Tech Note with instructions on how additional context categories could 
be added
by simply adding a new ClassificationNode under that CCTSContext
canonical ClassificationScheme.

Note that choice of names etc. above are just for example puproses and 
would be defined
by the CCRev SC.

This model fits the "Standard YET Extensible" philosophy of the ebXML 
Registry specs.


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