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Subject: Dynamic Discovery/Binding/Invocation

The following question might sound silly coming from someone who knows
our spec so well, but it's a usage scenario that I just had to begin to
think about.

Is anyone using ebXML Registry for dynamic discovery/binding/invocation
of Web Services? More specifically:

- A Web Service would dynamically discover another Web Service;

- It would use the discovered Web Service's interface definitions (e.g.
WSDL document) to dynamically construct message definitions that conform
to the discovered Web Service's interface definitions;

- It would then map its data to these messages definitions and invoke
the discovered Web Service;

If no one is using an ebXML Registry this way, how close are we to this?
It seems to me that the "dynamically constructed messages definitions",
and - even more so - the dynamic mapping, would be challenging. Does
this fall more under semantic technologies? If so, will it ever be

Kind Regards,
Joseph Chiusano
Booz | Allen | Hamilton

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