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Subject: Re: [regrep] XML2004 abstract deadline: May 7

Chiusano Joseph wrote:

>Thanks Farrukh. Regarding the "Vocabulary Management" abstract:
>Given that the conference is here in DC, we can assume that there will
>be a good number of US federal attending. I fear that the fact that our
>architecture does not yet *natively* accomodate fine-grained
>registration (per my e-mail to SCM SC yesterday) may portray ebXML
>Registry in a very negative light, as the federal folks have been asking
>for this for some time now. So if we do submit this abstract, I would
>recommend that we not call it "Vocabulary Management" - but perhaps "XML
>Schema Management" (or something more colorful perhaps).
>I know that there are differing mindsets on this - it's just that I am
>immersed in this environment here, and I would be remiss to not convey
>what I am constantly hearing.
The paper would focus on Core Components, BIE registration, management 
and discovery
topped with schema assembly using assembly decsriptors. It would include 
assembly from
fine grained core components and BIEs. Vocabulary Management seemed to 
be a good
description but we will consider all suggestions for improvement.

Duane, gave a very  compelling demo to the OASIS egov TC that showed the 
tool and the assembly process. We hope that this work would be inlcuded 
in the UK egov
pilot based upon ebXML Registry.

See you soon.

>See everyone in N'awlins!
>Farrukh Najmi wrote:
>>This deadline is May 7. Lets discuss abstract ideas on this thread.
>>Here are some ideas we been considering recently in various forums:
>>-Semantic Content Management Using ebXML Registry (present work of the
>>SCM SC, Carl Mattocks, Farrukh, ....)
>>Carl, please confirm if you can take ownership of this?
>>-Vocabulary Management Using ebXML Registry (present the work of the UK
>>egov pilot, Paul Spencer, Farrukh, Duane, ....)
>>Duane, please confirm if you can take ownership of this per our
>>discussions at Amsterdam?
>>Any other ideas?
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