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Subject: Re: [regrep] XML2004 abstract deadline: May 7

David Webber wrote:
>I'd like to lead on two - Catalogues of eBusiness Solution
>components, showing how to create a package of
>partner agreement, context, business process, messaging
>and transaction handling template components in the
>This should span the SCM work - with OWL ability to
>locate and navigate the domain - and then actually
>download the right deployment components based on
>your business criteria and context.
>Then second is the noun dictionary - creating semantics
>for noun dictionaries, extracting semantics from current
>vocabularies and loading them into registry and
>managing them.  The various options, strategies and
>tools - ISO11179, UDEF, OAGi, UBL, etc.

Of the two suggestions, the second would be a more straight-forward
use of OWL.  Modelling process and context in OWL is still a research 
area, so solutions to the first problem are less obvious (of course,
one can still define classes of business processes, agreements, etc
in OWL and define classifying characteristics for same.  It's just
not clear how to capture fundamental semantics needed for process
descriptions and context).


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