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Subject: [Fwd: [wsrm] Objection to format and conduct of the reliable messaging panel]

FYI, from WSRM list - reaction from Hitatchi to Tuesday's reliable
messaging panel discussion at the Symposium, sent to the TAB.


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: [wsrm] Objection to format and conduct of the reliable messaging
   Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 11:38:13 -0400
   From: "Bob Freund" <Bob.Freund@hitachisoftware.com>
     To: <john.borras@oasis-open.org>,
         <pete@seebeyond.com>, <wsrm@lists.oasis-open.org>


The Oasis Board of Directors

The Oasis Technical Advisory Board

April 28, 2004

On April 27, 2004, during what was promoted as a panel "discussion" on
reliable messaging, the draft Oasis Web Services Reliability
specification was savaged in a most unfortunate manner by the authors of
the competing proprietary specification.  The moderator stifled attempts
by members to engage in technical discussion in disregard for his role.
While we welcome comments and critique, we find it unacceptable to be
coldcocked without opportunity to cross-examine, debate, or rebut.

Some of the comparisons were technically accurate; however there exist
specific use-case rationale supporting those decisions which were the
result of the Oasis process.  On the other hand, some were based on
apparently deliberate misinterpretation of the specification which like
so many political ads in this election season makes charges without
foundation which cannot be answered in anything but a disconnected and
discontinuous manner.

What is damaging is not the commentary, but the impression left by
charges unanswered.  Many in the audience will read neither
specification and will likely form their opinions solely based on the
presentation.  We are also informed that the IBM assassination attempt
will be posted on the Oasis web site which further adds insult to injury
by the very organization chartered to guarantee the free exchange of
ideas and broad participation in the standards formation process.
Clearly, based on the remarks made by the IBM presenter he is no
advocate of this process, and by inference the Oasis organization

While some may believe that the IBM presenter may have been hoisted on
his own petard, nevertheless the validity of this organization has come
to challenge.

The following corrective considerations ought to be weighed to in some
small manner compensate for these damages:

1)         Examine the governance of the TAB, its role, and membership.

2)         Construct future panels as debates with a forum which allows
case presentation by both sides, rebuttal, and prepared questions and
discussion.  It would then be clear to participants the need to prepare
for thrust and parry rather then mere technical presentation.

3)         Delay the posting of papers on the Oasis web site relating to
this panel for two weeks and include, simultaneously with the other
presentations, a paper, prepared by the TC which will contain the TC's
answer to these charges and its own comparison of proposed standards.

4)         Carefully consider bylaw revision that would prohibit the
reference of any proprietary specification in any specification or draft
authored by any Oasis TC.

Without satisfactory resolution, we may be approaching the point where
companies participating in the Oasis process will re-consider their
future participation.  If we were to follow the same rules as the
moderator of this session, you would have 30 seconds to respond. Rather,
we pray to receive your considered response prior to May 8, 2004.

Bob Freund


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