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regrep message

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Subject: Re: [regrep] [Deadline Tomorrow] Re: [regrep] XML2004 abstractdeadline: May 7

Rex :

Artemis - A Semantic Web Service-based P2P Infrastructure for the
Interoperability of Medical Information

The abstract you describe is interesting but it is not attached .. please

<quote who="Rex Brooks">
> Here is the abstract I submitted this morning
> ...ARTEMIS could you send
> a url? .........
> Note the specific use I plan to make of
> ebXML/UDDI registries is to reference specific
> treatments for specific types of emergencies,
> such as fires, floods, storms, earthquakes,
> hazmat, biological agents such as small pox,
> chemical agents such as chlorine gas, explosions,
> gunshots, chain reaction automobile accidents,
> airliner crashes, etc.

Carl Mattocks

co-Chair OASIS (ISO/TS 15000) ebXMLRegistry Semantic Content SC
co-Chair OASIS Business Centric Methodology TC
v/f (usa) 908 322 8715
Semantically Smart Compendiums

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