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Subject: [ebXML Registry and Fine-Grained Registration][Fwd: .gov XML Registry Services]

On the topic of "fine-grained" registration (elements/attributes/data
types/namespace identifiers) which I note that we are moving closer to
with our SCM efforts: 

The e-mail below came to me (and other individuals) from a US federal
government person whose primary job involves XML (I have removed their
identity to respect their privacy). The points that this individual
makes regarding data elements and "the registry" (that is, a federal
government registry or series of registries) echo the urgency of
accomodating this functionality in our architecture.


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: .gov XML Registry Services
Date: Fri, 7 May 2004 09:07:46 -0400


Other points I'd like to make include:

1) The registry should become the actionable embodiment of the FEA DRM.
That is: a) the elements and controlled vocabulary specified in the DRM
should be represented in XML, to facilitate referencing and reuse; and
those representations should be made available in the XML registry for
of discovery, access, and use.

It is now far harder than it should be for folks to discover and reuse
elements, not to mention actual instances of data.  So they are often
with no practical choice but to reinvent the data elements they need to
conduct business they are required to carry out.  The XML registry will
help to overcome that problem.  It is a basic, enabling component of the
worldwide information infrastructure.  It is also essential to the
efficient and effective implementation of *all* of the eGov initiatives,
particularly those that involve the collection of highly structured
(forms-based) data.


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