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Subject: Re: [regrep] Re: [regrep-semantic] Proposed EU address validationservice

Farrukh Najmi wrote:

> Peter F Brown wrote:
>> Hi Farrukh:
>> One starting point would be to raise the issue at the Semantic 
>> Interoperability workshop in Norway later this month [1]. There will 
>> be representatives from the European Commission's eGovernment Unit 
>> there, with whom I have been in touch in recent days...
>> Hans Aanesen will be there for the OASIS EPR-Forum, and I thought 
>> that David Webber would come to, although I don't see him as 
>> registered. I'm still waiting for a reply on funding to see whether I 
>> take part or not...
>> I think the key is demonstrating that there are generic, 
>> standards-based technology solutions to the sort of issues that this 
>> sort of registry is raising....
> +1 on above
> If given the opportunity to show the value of generic, standards-based 
> technology solutions we will stand a good chance to get traction.
> While I cannot travel for the event I offer to be avilable over the 
> phone if needed to present or even give a remote demo via WebEx etc.
> Thanks again for sharing this information.
I should have mentioned that ebXML Registry defines the User type in RIM 
which really should have been sub-classed from a Person type (this could 
be a trivial change for V3 if there is support and interest). The User 
type defines all usual attributes of a person including structured name, 
address, telephone number, email address etc. It even associates a 
digital certificate with a person. Finally, like the rest of RIM classes 
it is entirely attribute extensible. Thus a User / Person class could be 
used to meet the needs of the EU Address Validation Service. Note that 
the User / Person class may be used independent of anything else in the 
registry since it is not a composed object within another type.


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