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Subject: [Fwd: [wsrp] Groups - wsrp-pfb-ebxml-tn-draft-04.doc uploaded]


Your comments will be appreciated.

The URL for public access to document is at:



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The document wsrp-pfb-ebxml-tn-draft-04.doc has been submitted by Farrukh Najmi (Farrukh.najmi@sun.com) to the WSRP Publish/Find/Bind SC document repository.

Document Description:
This version includes changes based upon feedback received from WSRP TC March f2f meeting.


The version is a relatively mature draft that needs final review by SC and TC.

All changes since previous version may be viewed using Track Changes feature.

The changes since previous version are as follows:

-Global: Now give more minimal example first before more complex example.	

-Global: Now showing in minimal examples where optional info would be inserted.

-Section 1.2 Conventions : Defined convention that aspects of listings that are WSRP specific by using bold font for it.

-Section 3.1: Addressed issue on alignment/precendence of enpoint info in WSDL portType definition and the accessURI attribute of ServiceBinding. The resolution is based upon the latest WS-I Basic Profile 1.1 draft as well as latest version of the "Using WSDL in a UDDI Registry 2.0" Technical Note.

-Chapter 4 Discovery: Moved producer discovery before portlet discovery

-Chapter 4 Discovery: Now showing simple query listing first and then showing more complex query.

-Chapter 4 Discovery: Added queries for additional use cases:

  -Find all WSRP Producers

  -Find all Portlets for a producer

-A.3: Clarified that all ids are canonical and must match for canonical metadata

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View Document Details:

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