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Subject: FW: ACORD Document Repository Interface (DRI) Reference Guide

Hi All,

I received the attached document from ACORD.

I've also requested some of the additional technical documentation that is
listed in the spec. such as
DRI Implementation Guide

The spec also reference the ACORD Message Service, which you can download
directly from the ACORD web site at www.acord.org. I got it by going to the
Download Standards section and then inside of the Re-insurance standards.
You have to enter in some information before it will give you the download.

I think it would be cool if we could show that there is a way that the
reg/rep could be used for these purposes without a lot of additional work.

Just an idea.


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From: Cayron, Serge [mailto:Scayron@acord.org]
Sent: Wednesday, August 04, 2004 12:52 PM
To: pkacande@adobe.com; mstraat@adobe.com
Cc: Maggy.Leon@guycarp.com; lloyd.j.stofko@guycarp.com; Chumbley, Lloyd;
Michael.J.Smith@lloyds.com; teddy.tarlton@faraday.com; Van Keulen, Rien
Subject: RE: Repository Interop Project question

Peter, Marc,

You recently queried the applicability/interoperability of ebXML
Registry in relation to the ACORD Document Repository Standard (DRI). I
am attaching the DRI Reference guide, part of a documentation package
officially approved in June. ACORD will welcome your comments and views
on this subject.

Serge Cayron - ACORD
tel/fax: +32 10 41 92 58

Is your company positioned for change? Standards are the solution! At
the 2004 Insurance Standards Leadership Forum, "Leveraging Standards To
Drive Change" --Thursday September 30th 2004 at the Roosevelt Hotel in
New York City -- co-produced by ACORD and Insurance & Technology, you
will learn from some of the industry's leading authorities how standards
are being incorporated into winning companies' approaches to a range of
major challenges, including regulatory compliance, M&As and growth
strategies, sourcing/partner options including outsourcing, and
customer/distributor retention initiatives. Visit the ISL website for
more details

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From: Maggy.Leon@guycarp.com [mailto:Maggy.Leon@guycarp.com]
Sent: vendredi 30 juillet 2004 14:06
To: Cayron, Serge; lloyd.j.stofko@guycarp.com; Chumbley, Lloyd
Subject: Fw: Repository Interop Project question

Please read below
----- Forwarded by Maggy Leon/NYC/GUYCARP on 07/30/2004 07:56 AM -----

                      Peter Kacandes

                      <pkacande@adobe.c        To:
Michael.J.Smith@lloyds.com, maggy.leon@guycarp.com,

                      07/29/2004 05:55         Subject:  Repository
Interop Project question


I recently came across the repository interop pilot project information
I saw it mentioned in the ACORD newsletter that I received today.

I was curious to know if there was any consideration given to the OASIS
ebXML Registry/Repository standard. The reason I ask is that it seems,
on the info in the presentation that I downloaded, that it has features
address all of the requirements discussed.

Also, is there any intention as part of the pilot project to demonstrate
interoperability with existing standards such as the OASIS Reg/Rep?

So, for example, if somebody had implemented an internal repository
the Reg/Rep, could they demo interop with the ACORD standard as part of

Thanks in advance for any info.

Much appreciated.


Peter Kacandes
Adobe Systems Inc.

DRI Reference Guide-v-1-0-0.pdf

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