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Subject: Re: [regrep] FW: ACORD Document Repository Interface (DRI) ReferenceGuide

Monica J. Martin wrote:

>> Najmi: I think that is an excellent idea.
>> If someone has contacts in ACORD and can assess the interest level at 
>> ACORD then
>> I would consider volunteering to present ebXML Registry to them 
>> including a demo that shows how
>> we meet their requirements. The only thing I ask is that there is 
>> some PULL from ACORD
>> as my time is fairly committed with many others orgs that are 
>> deploying ebXML Registry. 
> Farrukh,
> I provided two contacts to Kathryn with two ACORD contacts, Ceyron and 
> Grossman. I don't currently have my PDA handy but she can give to you. 
> Let me know if you need me to check later. Thanks.

Thanks Monica and Kathryn for the contacts.

What I am suggesting is that someone with estbalished contacts initiate 
conversation on this subject and assess the level of interest (PULL) and 
then if we perceive that there is an openess to consider ebXML Registry 
schedule a meeting over the phone and WebEx.

Specifically I do not want to randomly call or email people and would 
rather be involved if/when there is a request for a presentation and 



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