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Subject: Re: [regrep] FAQ proposal


I think a FAQ for ebXML would be good. I would also
like to point out that the work being done at the Open
Source Development Lab for data center and
telecommunication backbone ebXML Registries might be an
excellent source also. I am coordinating the ebXML
Registry work with Timothy Witham the technical
director for OSDL. 

The pilot should be starting this month and a lot of
good user information should come out of it. An added
aspect of the OSDL ebXML pilot will be a mobile
business application component.

On Fri, 06 Aug 2004 14:57:52 -0400, Farrukh Najmi wrote:

> Apologies if this has been discussed before....
> I would like to propose that we create an*ONLINE* FAQ
> for ebXML Registry 
> which has brief answers to brief questions. Here are
> some poular questions:
> -What is ebXML Registry?
> -What are some common use case of ebXML Registry?
> -What are some features and benefits of using freebXML
> Registry?
> -What standard does freebXML Registry support?
> -Who is using freebXML Registry and why?
> For my current answers to above see:
> Some yet to be answered FAQ questions follow....
> -How does ebXML Registry compare with relational
> databases?
> -How does ebXML Registry compare with LDAP?
> -How does ebXML Registry compare with UDDI?
> -How does ebXML Registry compare with Content
> Management Systems?
> Here are some questions for the TC:
> -What are some others questions people can contribute?
> -Does OASIS provided an automated FAQ builder as a
> service to TCs?
> I do not believe so.
> In the absence of an OASIS FAQ I volunteer to create a
> temporary one at 
> the freebXML Registry web site.
> The temporary solution would look like:
> Only the subject and content would be different.
> Does OASIS have any objections to the temporary use of
> above until an 
> alternative is provided?
> -Who is willing to be an editor for the FAQ?
> Note that this task would not require deep technical
> expertise. What is 
> needed is high level understanding of our specs and
> good communication 
> skills.
> -- 
> Regards,
> Farrukh
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Patrick Hogan
Sino Technologies Corp.

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