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Subject: Shorter URNs proposal

As I work on the 3.0 specs it seems that our URN conventions is much too 
This is costly because URNs based on the convention are used in every 
registry object.
This is specially true with the introduction of lid attribute in 
Registry Managed Version Control
feature. I think we should shorten our URNs.

I propose that the following URN prefix:


should be shortened to:


Another related issue that has come up is that we use the spec version 
in our URNs.
For example for Submitter Defined URLs we have the following URN:


Every time our version changes the Slot metadata in the registry would 
need to be migrated.
This is unacceptable from a usability standpoint.

I propose that we only use version in URNs where it is likely to be 
version dependent.

I further propose that we remove the spec component of the URN (rim or rs).

If we agree with my proposal the locator URN changes as follows...

Old:  urn:oasis:names:tc:ebxml-regrep:3.0:rim:RegistryObject:locator
New: urn:oasis:regrep:RegistryObject:locator

Notice the space savings is 25 MB for a million objects.

BTW the shortening of URNs is a common theme across OASIS TCs (e.g. SAML 
2.0 does this over SAML 1.1)

What do folks think? Can we resolve this over email so we can keep 
making progress on the specs?


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