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Subject: RIMv2.6 Review, Sections 1-5

OK. My head is starting to hurt, so while I take a break I'll forward on the comments I have so far on the RIM.  Here's what I've got up through Section 5.



>>OASIS/ebXML Registry Information Model v2.6<<

[General Comment] - I'd like to suggest a reorganization of Section 4's sub-sections.  Perhaps alphabetic, or maybe some relation to how the items are discussed in detail later.  Right now the sub-sections seem to jump around.  For instance, group sections that are later detailed in Section 5 (i.e. 4.3, 4.13, and 4.14) together and ahead of items detailed in Section 7 (i.e. 4.8 and 4.9).  This may be more work than it's worth depending on any references that point to these sub-sections, but reordering the sections based on one of the above schemes seems more logical to me.

[General Comment] - Is our convention to spell out acronyms at their first use?  See line 364 "UML", 367 "DTD".  I understand that not having a grasp of these concepts makes understanding the spec difficult, but just a matter of convention.

[Line 364] - Also, for clarity in for future readers, it might be good to reference which version of the UML methodology is being applied.  UML may not change drastically from version to version, but for a document that may be referenced for generations such information may be useful. ;-)

[412] - Header number appears italicized.

[461] - Figure 1 needs some touchups. Some of the labels are hard to read given where they are positioned.  Most notably, the text for the relationships right above the "RegistryObject" class.

[583] - "Person" class needs to be added to Figure 2 as a subclass of "RegistryObject" and super class of "User".

[583 & 669] - Figure 2 shows "Service" as a direct subclass of "RegistryEntry", while line 669 indicates "Service" as a direct known subclass to "RegistryObject".

[628 & 710] - Identifies a default value for the "home" attribute that is not represented in the attribute summaries at lines 615 & 679 respectively.

[655] - The heading for the attribute summary appears wrong.  Should be "5.6.1".  Remove the last ".1".

[655] - Attribute "lang" has the data type "language".  Yet I didn't see an explicit instruction that those data types not defined in the chart at line 602 are the built-in W3C Schema data types.  Developers would hopefully figure that out, but I wanted to bring the point up in case we want to spell it out.

[669] - List of known subclasses runs together "Service, ServiceBinding, SpecificationLink" via the shared underline.

[669] - "RegistryObject" does not list "Subscription" as a direct known subclass.

[679] - Very minor, but the "International-String" data type is bugging me.  I understand that the point is to make clear that there isn't white space between the "International" and "String".  But there isn't a hyphen either.  Can the hyphen go?  It would make me feel better. :-)

[769] - The header number "5.8" appears diminutive compared to similar headers of this level.

[789] - List of known subclasses runs together "RegistryPackage, Service" via the shared underline.

[789] - "RegistryEntry" does not list "Federation" or "Registry" as direct known subclasses.

[933] - The "Person" class should identify "User" as a known subclass.

[936, 940, and 949] - Attribute summary at line 936 lists "address" and telephoneNumbers as not required.  Yet the descriptions for each indicates that these attributes are a "MUST".

[936] - "Person" has "url" attribute. Can't this be handle as an association to "ExternalLink"?  If not, do we need to add "url" as an attribute to "Organization"?

[956] - Shouldn't "RegistryObject" be listed as a super class for "User"?

[980 & 997] - Does the "MUST" requirement for "telephoneNumbers" at line 997, mean that the attribute requirement in the summary table of line 980 should be "Yes"?

[936] - "TelephoneNumber" has "url" attribute. Can't this be handle as an association to "ExternalLink"?

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